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Through our ups and downs; in our personal and family lives, in our business and work lives, in our interactions with technology on daily basis, we face a great deal of uncertainty. After many failed businesses, relationships, and growth mis-directions, we decided to create a community platform that would help people and organizations, help themselves, to thrive during these adversities.

Through our resilience stories, frameworks and engaging programs, we multiply resilience by making actionable connections from the shared ideas and experiences of world class individuals, thought leaders and athletes who impact their world, in one way or another, through their unique story, to ingrain resilience into the fabric of our communities and its people.

Resilience is....a trainable ability that allows people to thrive through adversity and the rapid changes in front of them.

Simple Steps to Resilience

Personal Resilience Books

The Resilient Human ebOOK


Growing into You Book by Greg Tomchick and Bryce Herman

Growing Into You


The Four Most Important questions



Build Your Resilient Human Playbook

If you are looking for more out of life; more clarity into your beliefs, more impact, more growth, then The Resilient Human Playbook is for you. In this course we walk you through the 5 core pillars to an extraordinary life and by the end you will have a clear vision for what you believe, what you want to achieve, why you want it and how you are going to get it. Join thousands of others who have decided to live on their own terms!

eCONOMIC Resilience Books

build or Break Into a career in Cybersecurity Ebook


Business Resilience in the 2020’s


Resilience In the Cloud



Build or Break Into A Career In Cybersecurity

Have you ever wanted to future-proof your skill set and have a greater impact on society? Whether you are looking to grow an existing career in business or cyber resilience or start one from your existing skill-set, you are in the right place. In this course, we have bundled up hundreds of years of experience into a program you won’t want to miss. You will leave this experience, with extreme clarity on what position you want to play in the cybersecurity space, how to approach companies to hire you, what you will need to know before you talk to companies and how to continually progress your knowledge of cybersecurity, across any enviornment. Join us today to build or break into a career in cybersecurity and leave a lasting legacy on society and those around you.


The Resilient Human Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers
Resilience is our ability to thrive and grow through adversity and change.

The benefits of resilience are different for every individual. It may be gaining clarity around a current life obstacle, improving your self care, setting clearer goals based on your values, and constructing a roadmap that will guide your decision making process. No matter what benefits you realize, you will come out on the other side a more concious and focused version of your unique self.

We strive to provide a number of free and paid resources to help you in your resilience journey. We recommend starting with our Resilient Human Masterclass, where we break down resilience and the benefits it has brought to millions of others like you. 

I am so glad that you decided to take this first step and dive deeper into the practice of resilience! Our recommended next step is to create your own Resilient Human playbook and craft the vision for your ideal life. We walk our members through this in our Resilient Human Playbook course. After you write your playbook, we will guide you through an action taking process with continual checkpoints to stay on track.