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My Purpose is your Resilience

My Purpose for living

Welcome to my canvas for delivering value to the world.

I’ve always had insanely big dreams, wanted to create change in my environments, and deeply cared about those around me.

However, I would constantly go through the ups and downs that most dreamers do; learn something new and apply it in the market, doesn’t play out like I thought it would, then learn something new and apply it and same thing….

Overtime, I was losing the steam and in order to create the massive change that I desired, I needed to do something different to gain clarity into my individual purpose and the legacy that I wanted to leave behind.

As a young student-athlete, I was told by coaches, teachers and mentors that I would never graduate high-school because my comprehension of the material was “below average”, that I would never play college baseball because I would get injured due to my pitching form begin “not healthy”, and many other reasons that the universe was against me or would hold me back.

There were many moments I didn’t understand why I was put on this earth; I was misunderstood by others and I could’nt imagine, at the time, a path forward that would lead to the life that I envisioned growing up.

d1 student athlete with honors

d1 student athlete with honors

In my teenage years, my youngest sibling was struggling with a heart-related birth defect, but she still showed strength on a daily basis, my oldest brother was a star athlete, later playing professional baseball, so the me I wanted to be was the furthest thing from clear, at the time.

Our minds and emotions tend to play tricks on us when we feel we have no defined purpose, vision, community or noticeable contribution in life. But when I started seeking information and inspiration on how to create a better life for myself, that’s when everything changed for the better.

I put all of my negative and confused energy into my dream of being a professional athlete, and one day, a leader in my community that could help others make this transition and achieve their dreams. I went on to get drafted in the Major League Baseball Draft, playing for 3 years and then making a decision that would later shattered my identity in tiny pieces. I didn’t know who I was without sports.

Would anyone still want to hang out with me?
Would anyone respect me?
How will I make money?
Who am I?
What will I do for the rest of my life now?


former professional athlete

former professional athlete


I was starting from scratch; a washed up baseball player, with a 3 year old college degree, not much professional work experience and no specific interests in the world besides baseball and helping others grow themselves.

So I started a company, then another, then another, as I became more familiar with the business world, the gears started turning and I quickly realized that there is much more out there then just baseball. I also realized that running a company was not easy work and took an individual who was clear on their beliefs, in order to effectively lead and impact others in a positive way.

I began to research and read everything I could get my hands on around leadership, lessons from sports to use in the real world, how to be successful, how to become a millionaire and there were a few constant themes (below); but overtime, I began to shed the masks and identities that I picked up throughout my previous journey and gave myself the opportunity to reform the clay of my own life.

Themes from my enlightenment phase:

1. Success was best defined when you do the internal work to figure out what it means for you

2. Effective leaders and coaches were level headed and thrived when it came to tackling tragedy or rapid change around them; RESILIENCE

3. Bring Introspective and gaining clarity on your beliefs is the most important work you can do, and eventually leads to sharing that new-found value with the world

4. Personal or Professional growth is a continual, evolving process

5. Leaving a legacy means sharing the experiences you have had with the world, in hopes that it will reach someone in a time of need and will help them push through an obstacle to achieving their own version of greatness.

human and cyber resilience architect



This experience of enlightenment set me on fire to share it with others, like you. Through my programs, resources and insights, I desire to spread what I have learned, so that someone can find it on a day of need, and benefit from it. My legacy is being built each day, with each person that I impact.

Through my childhood, athletic experience, education and personal experiences, I have developed a perspective that gives me the ability to pursue a purpose that is unique to me. Within this platform, we deliver to you the stories, resources and actions that has enabled myself and many others to do just that. This is the legacy that I want to build, one of lasting wealth, for many generations to share.


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