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The Cyber Circle is a community of cybersecurity and impact-driven transformation experts, collaborating and working to secure our connected world, together.

And every single month we do LIVE trainings that teach you how to start or grow your cybersecurity impact and learn the top career and skill-based strategies for how you put yourself in the best position possible, to leave a lasting legacy on the industry. REMEMBER, we are still in the young years of connectivity and data at our fingertips, the future is yours for the shaping.

Shelley He
Shelley He
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Before I joined the Cyber Circle, my career direction in business was lost, with no purpose or desired impact. A friend told me that they just got a new job, in an exciting industry, and took the course that helped him nail the interview, with absolute clarity. It took me 6 weeks to take the course around my 9-to-5 job and I was able to land a job just two months later for a cybersecurity start-up, in exactly the position I wanted to be in. Having accountability and continued support from Greg and this community is a huge reason for my current happiness and has set me up for extreme success on my terms.

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Growing into You Book by Greg Tomchick and Bryce Herman

The Book On Growing Into You

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Growing Into You
The Journey to Living On Purpose

The Industry Recognized "Best Guide to Break Into A Career In Cybersecurity"

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Build or Break Into A Career In Cybersecurity

Shana Smith
Shana Smith
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Before I found Greg's books, my career and personal life was sort of lost. There was a lot of content out there and I didn't know where I was going or what I was doing. I joined the Resilient Human Playbook Masterclass out of curiosity and it was a surprising and amazing experience. I gained access to resources that narrowed my focus and gave me step by step ideas on how to accomplish my goals. Having the accountability and support from Greg and his team was encouraging and held me completely accountable.

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Build or Break into cybersecurity

Have you ever wanted to future-proof your skill set and have a greater impact on society? Whether you are looking to grow an existing career in business or cyber resilience or start one from your existing skill-set, you are in the right place. We bundled up hundreds of years of experience into a program you won’t want to miss. You will leave this experience, with extreme clarity on what position you want to play in the cybersecurity space, how to approach companies to hire you, what you will need to know before you talk to companies and how to continually progress your knowledge of cybersecurity and resilience. Join us today to break into a career in cybersecurity and leave a lasting legacy on society and those around you.

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the resilient human playbook

If you are looking for more out of life; more clarity into your beliefs, more impact, more growth, then The Resilient Human Playbook program is for you. We will walk you through the 5 core pillars to an extraordinary life and by the end you will have a clear vision for what you believe, what you want to achieve, why you want it and how you are going to get it. Join thousands of others who have decided to live on their own terms!

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the resilient human experience

The Resilient Human Experience connects you with perspective-shifting ideas from world class athletes, business leaders and people who impact their world, in one way or another other, through their unique story. This experience delivers inspiring stories to help you to define your own beliefs, the legacy you want to leave and the resilience you’ll need to accomplish it.

Joe Gregory
Joe Gregory
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I joined the Resilient Human Experience, through the ResilientU. I was skeptical at first because I knew it was hard for people and educations to truly teach what mattered most to personal and career success. Success that is defined differently by each individual. I later found out that this was the exact premise of everything Greg and his team does on a daily basis. I started with the Resilient Human Playbook and now listen to the Resilient Human Experience Podcast each day, which helps me continually refine and improve my own life vision and the way that I am accomplishing it on a daily basis.